Castro Valley Roofing is highly reputable among the community. Know that our Castro Valley, CA roofers are extremely dedicated to their job. We are one of the ONLY roofing companies that has Owner/Installer services. We take pride in our reliability and honesty. Because we offer owner/installer services, we can guarantee that our workmanship is superior in all aspects of the job.

All of our Castro Valley Roofers are eager to provide the proper care that is needed for your roof. Your Castro Valley Roofer will be more than happy to meet with you at your home to inspect your concern. We all ways try our best to meet with you at a time that best meets your available schedule.

Castro Valley Roofing offers the best selection of materials to either repair or build your new roof. We understand that home repair and renovation can be costly and we will give options of what you are able to work with around your budget. Castro Valley Roofing looks forward to talking with you soon.

For quick, quality home repairs, call the Castro Valley Handyman.

For the best local plumbing services, visit Castro Valley Plumbing today! We also recommend Santa Clara Roofing for service in the South Bay.

In the off chance that you ever need a good heating and cooling company in the Stockton area, we can also recommend Irish Heating and Air.

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In regards to a new roof or roof repair you will want to think of theses precautions:
  • Existing roofing has bad decking
  • Existing roofing is in poor condition
  • Existing roofing has to many layers
  • Existing roofing has bad incompatible shingles
The first step in knowing your roof is to identify just what type of roofing style you have. The next is to have a contractors help to determine the severity and style of your roof so you my then deiced whether to make a simple and inexpensive repair or to devote yourself to a new roof.

The following is a list of popular roofing styles:
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